All personal items must be removed

All customers are required to remove personal items from inside their vehicle prior to service. We will not be held responsible for any lost or missing items. 

Glove box interiors will not be cleaned

Unless asked prior to service and cleared out by the customer prior to the appointment, glove box interiors will not be cleaned.

All prices are subject to change

All prices are subject to change without prior notice. Additionally needed services will in most cases require additional charges, examples (Pet hair removal, stain removal, bug, tar & sap removal, heavily soiled vehicles, odor removal). Additional charges are not limited to these examples. 

We are not a paint repair or touch up shop

We will not be held responsible to fix any paint failures that may happen during cleaning. We can refer customers to qualified paint and auto body shops. 

All child car seat(s) must be removed

We require that all child car seat(s) be removed and reinstalled by the customer. We are not experts at re-installing child car seats to meet the specifications. If you’de like your seat cleaned underneath it, please remove prior to service. 

Stickers, Decals & Components

We take as much care as possible to avoid damaging stickers decals, and emblems on your vehicle. Unfortunatelly because of the materials and adhesive’s that are used, we can not gurantee that damages will not occur. In the unlikely situation that damage does occur, we will not be held responsible. 

We do not make repairs to any components or parts on or in your vehicle(s). If there is a failing or almost failing part on or in your vehicle it may not be able to be cleaned to avoid damages. We require customers to point out any such parts or components prior to servicing your vehicle. If one of our trained staff members comes across a part or component that was not pointed out by the customer it will be shown to the customer prior to any cleaning of the part or component.