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Specialty Vehicle Pricing



We do full Exterior RV washes. We charge a very competitive price of $4 per foot. Use high grade pH neutral soaps, and can add deionized water for a total of $5 per foot.

Tow Trucks


We understand that keeping your equipment looking nice is important for both you and your customers, because of this we have really perfected our washes on Tow trucks to insure greased areas stay greased and other areas look clean.

Semi Cab & Trailer


Semi Cab & Trailers deserve to look nice too! We charge a total of $49.99 for an exterior cab wash & Interior vacuum. We then charge $2 per foot for any attached trailer 



Boats need to be cleaned an protected before storing to keep them in tip top shape. We charge $6 per foot and use gentle pH neutral soaps that wont harm the boats paint job.

Jet Skis


Jet Skis are fun to ride so why not look great while doing it? no one wants their skis looking dirty. In most cases we charge $25 per jet ski with free trailer cleaning.

Motor Cycles


Motor cycles are one unique piece of machinery. With many cracks and crevices, chromes and aluminum's, we want only the best going into the detail of your bike. For this reason we charge an hourly rate of $29.99 to detail your bike, this includes polishing metals and paints. Please call to book today.