Weather Policy

We've Got You Covered!

Free Rain Insurance

Worry no longer, with our free rain insurance we've got you covered! In the event that it rains, hails, or snows within 24 after your wash you will receive a free waterless wash on us. Please feel free to give us a call if you have been affected by the weather. 

*Must call and schedule appointment within 24 hours after your appointment that was affected.

Cold Weather – Cold weather is not uncommon in New Mexico, unfortunately it is something that can affect your scheduled appointment. We have a 32° policy put into place, to protect your car and our amazing crew if the weather is 32°  or below your appointment will be rescheduled. Please feel free to check the weather on our Book Online page to see if your appointment may be affected.

Icy Roads – We have many policies in place to protect our amazing crew, by doing so we can guarantee the best customer care to you! If icy roads are reported or our team encounters icy roads on our way to your appointment, we will reschedule if no other routes are available.

Hot Weather –Cold weather is not the only thing that can affect our service to you, in the event that temperatures rise above 75° we always recommend our available add on of Deionized Water. While the temperature outside might only be 75° your vehicles surface may be well past 100°. Because of this water, tends to dry much quicker and leaves the potential for water spots to appear on your vehicle. The only sure proof way to prevent water spots is the use of Deionized water. 

*In the event that water spots appear on a vehicle after service and Deionized water was not requested by the customer, we will not be held responsible for removal.

Weather Forcast

For your convenience while booking one of our services, we have provided a real time weather forecast right here online.

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