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Vehicle Wrap Care

pH Neutral Detergents


When washing a vinyl wrapped vehicle, or if you just want to use overall safe products on your vehicle it is important to use pH Neutral products.  pH Neutral soaps and detergents have a pH of at least 7.0 which is almost identical to that of pure water and most baby loations. This means these soaps are neither acidic or alkaline which prevents any harsh chemicals from stripping wax or damaging your wrap.  

Deionized Water


Deionized water is a must when it comes to washing any wraped or high end vehicle. Deionized water is filtered through ion exchange resins which makes the water nearly clean of minerals. This ensures that no hard water spots will be left behind. This also prevents any chemicals that tap water may contain from damging your vehicles paint or wrap. 

Specially Formulated Detergents


Along with our pH neutral car wash soap, we also use pH neutral instant detailers which act like a wax and add a layer of UVA/UVB protection to your vehicles wrap. 

3 Bucket Wash System


With our 3 bucket wash system and grit guards we able to effectively reduce paint swirling. Paint swirling is caused by debris being caught between the wash mit and the vehicles clear coat while washing. The 3 bucket method reduces this possibility by keeping the soap water, the rinse water, and the wheel water all seperate. On top of this grit guards are placed on the bottom of the buckets to keep any debris at the bottom of the bucket and out of the clean rinse water and soap water. 

Safe Microfiber Wash Mits & Towels


Streamline Mobile Detail takes every step possible to eliminate paint swirling which happens with normal car washing and automatic car wash’s. On top of our pH neutral chemicals, deionized water, and our three bucket sytem we also use microfiber towels everywhere to add to our paint safe and vinyl safe wash procedures.